CONRAC's challenge is to provide their customers with the system solutions best fitted for their individual requirements. This means the ideal display technology, size, format, resolution for the information to be communicated. This also means the design, colour, logo to suit customers' concept. And it can also mean the conceptual design of a complete system solution. Important part of the philosophy is to offer cost-effective display solutions and to reduce the cost of ownership. During all phases of development the target is a high-quality and durable products with low maintenance costs and incorporating the technology required for future uses.



Address: Germany, WEIKERSHEIM, D-97990 Lindenstrasse 8

Contact person: Commercial Department ,e-mail, website

Phone: +49 7934 101227

Fax: +49 7934 101224

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Marine Displays
Highly innovative wideECDIS® series of rugged Marine Monitors designed for radar, navigation and ECIDS as well as ship control and automation applications.

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